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Aluminum accessories

90° adjustable outer connector Metal plug Top cover Thin wall roof T-groove top cover Strengthen the roof The metal roof Based on the top Integral fixed foot pedestal (43mm) Podotheca Elastic rubber strip The tray connects the headwear plate Transparent PC tube Elastic washer Shock buffer kit Adjustable buffer kit 3 Adjustable buffer kit 2 Adjustable buffer kit 1 Groove CAM slider Foot rest Tool holder Groove roller kit U groove pulley with T - block 3 kit Double hole function accessory with slotted screw kit Double hole function accessory with U slot metal pulley kit Functional accessory B with slop screw kit Functional accessory A with slop screw kit Functional accessory B with U slot pulley kit Functional accessory A with U slot pulley kit European standard aluminum profile connector Aluminum alloy wire groove end cover Double power row plug Counterweight article T the slider Tray profile built-in fastener Compression spring Heavy tension spring Medium tension spring Light tension spring Aluminium alloy wire slot Reverse blocker U groove pulley φ6 Rope localizer lifting nut Type D buckle Articulated screw Chuck suite φ2 stainless steel soft rope φ2 high strength nylon rope Stainless steel plastic coated rope The grooves support the rollers U groove metal pulley Convex wheel Gasket Aluminum alloy identification plate T-slot identification plate The sign card buckle Card card buckle Slot for a 5.3mm panel C-type wire rod protective sleeve Hidden wire clamp slot Article guard Flat anti-wear buckle Integral fixed foot pedestal Heavy duty split legs 180° fix inner connector Multi Angle fixed joint With locking rotator Height adjustment limiter Special hinges Linear rolling assembly ROT Angle fixed connector runner assembly Opposite hinge assembly 180° internal swivel joint 180° external swivel joint External 45° cross joint External cross joint (43mm) Outside embrace direct head (43mm) Joint within 90 ° (43mm) Joint within 45 ° (43mm) Aluminum pipe joint (43mm) Joint within 135 ° (43mm) Lean pipe fittings Side mounted base Outboard base Plate fixed buckle (43mm) Direct head inserted 45° reinforced long joint 45° external connector 90° external bent connector External direct head Special pallet connector Tray fixing joint Pulley connector T-joint Multi-function reinforced base The armrest joint Joint within 135 ° 135 ° connectors Strengthen the external direct head Strengthen the inner direct head Outside embrace 90° joint External cross joint Outside embrace direct head Outside-hugging soles 90 Angle fixed joint Functional accessory B Functional accessory A Parallel extension joint Round head hook Powerful setting seat Plate fixed buckle Caster base connector Double hole function accessory housed joint Aluminum pipe joint 45° internal bend connector Joint within 90 ° 90° internal bend connector Parallel fixed joint Double external direct head External T connector Parallel connection 45° strengthening joint 45° external bend connector 90° external bend connector Built-in swivel joint Internal direct head 90° Cross Joint 135° Outer Joint

Aluminum profile

2040 European standard profile 4040 European standard profile B 4080 European standard profile B 2040 National Standard Profile 4040 National Standard Profile A 2020 National Standard Profile 3060 European standard profile 4080 European standard profile A 2060 European standard profile 4040R European standard profile 4040 European standard profile F 4040 European standard profile E 4040 European standard profile D 4040 European standard profile C 4040 European standard profile A 3030R European standard profile 3030 European standard profile B 3030 European standard profile A 2020R European standard profile 2020 European standard profile 8840L National Standard Profile 8840R National Standard Profile 4080 National Standard Profile F 4080 National Standard Profile E 4080 National Standard Profile D 4080 National Standard Profile C 4080 National Standard Profile B 4080 National Standard Profile A 4040R National Standard Profile 4040 National Standard Profile J 4040 National Standard Profile I 4040 National Standard Profile H 4040 National Standard Profile G 4040 National Standard Profile F 4040 National Standard Profile E 4040 National Standard Profile D 4040 National Standard Profile C 4040 National Standard Profile B 3060L National Standard Profile 3060R National Standard Profile 3060 National Standard Profile D 3060 National Standard Profile C 3060 National Standard Profile B 3060 National Standard Profile A 3030R National Standard Profile 3030 National Standard Profile C 3030 National Standard Profile B 3030 National Standard Profile A

Aluminum profile accessories

40# Aluminum alloy hine 40# Nylon hinge 30# Aluminum alloy hine 30# Nylon hinge Nylon handle B Nylon handle A Process card code Deep groove of supporting plate on roller φ 15 Deep groove of supporting plate on roller φ 12 Shallow groove of roller supporting plate φ 8 Deep groove of supporting plate on roller φ 8 Roller lower supporting plate φ 12 Roller lower supporting plate φ 8 40 Diaphragm fiaings 30 Diaphragm fiaings 40 Cover adhesive strip 30 Cover adhesive strip Sealing strip Sealing rubber strip 40 Sealing rubber strip 30 8840 National standard profile capping 8840R National standard profile capping 4080 National standard profile capping 4040R National standard profile capping 4040 National standard profile capping 6630 National standard profile capping 6630R National standard profile capping 3060 National standard profile capping 3030R National standard profile capping 3030 National standard profile capping 2020 National standard profile capping 4080 European standard profile capping 4040R European standard profile capping 4040 European standard profile capping 3060 European standard profile capping 3030R European standard profile capping 3030 European standard profile capping 2040 European standard profile capping 2020 European standard profile capping 40# Movable hinge 30# Movable hinge 40# Three links 30# Three links 40# Two links 30# Two links 40# 3D right Angle connector 30# 3D right Angle connector 30-40 Universal one word connector 40# One word connector 30# One word connector 40# Built-in aluminum corner code 40# Corner slot connector 30# Corner slot connector The anchor B The anchor A 40# Aluminum foot cup fixing sleeve M12 30# Aluminum foot cup fixing sleeve M8 8080R Foot cup plate 6060R Foot cup plate 4080 Foot cup plate 3060 Foot cup plate 4060 Foot cup fixers 4080 End iron plate (3 holes) 4080 End iron plate (2 holes) 40 Cross connecting plate 40T Connecting plate 40L Connecting plate 30 Cross connecting plate 30T Connecting plate 30L Connecting plate 135° Extrusion Angle code C 135° Extrusion Angle code B 135° Extrusion Angle code A 45° Extrusion Angle code C 45° Extrusion Angle code B 45° Extrusion Angle code A 90° Extrusion Angle code C 90° Extrusion Angle code B 90° Extrusion Angle code A 30# Built-in aluminum corner code 4040 Switch to aluminum corner codes 3030 Switch to aluminum corner codes 2020 Switch to aluminum corner codes 8080 Aluminum Angle yards 4080 Aluminum Angle yards 6060 Aluminum Angle yards 3060 Aluminum Angle yards 30-40 Universal aluminum corner code thick 30-40 Universal aluminum corner size thin Large iron foot size Medium iron foot size Small iron corner code 20# Aluminum Corner Code 30# Aluminum Corner Code 40# Aluminum Corner Code

Pipe joint

H-180 Monolithic H-160 Monolithic H-110 Monolithic H-60 Monolithic H-45 Monolithic H-30 Monolithic H-26 Monolithic H-25 Monolithic H-24 Monolithic H-22 Monolithic H-20 Monolithic H-19 Monolithic H-18 Monolithic H-17 Monolithic H-16B Monolithic H-16 Monolithic H-15 Monolithic H-14 Monolithic H-13 Monolithic H-12 Monolithic H-11 Monolithic H-10 Monolithic H-9 Monolithic H-8 Monolithic H-7A Monolithic H-7 Monolithic H-6A Monolithic H-6 Monolithic H-5 Monolithic H-4A Monolithic H-4 Monolithic H-3 Monolithic H-2 Monolithic H-1A Monolithic H-1 Monolithic Metal Connection Block Strip Of Pulley Large A-type Plastic Support Frame Small A-type Plastic Support Frame Sheet Metal Horn Plastic Identification Card Bag Plastic Sign B Plastic Sign A Plastic Mark Buckle Lock Catch Bottom Cover Foot Sleeve Plastic Electric Screwdriver Base Base Of Metal Electric Screwdriver Cylinder Hanger S Hook G Hook Reinforced S-hook Large Harness Segment Small Harness Segment 1.2 Stainless Steel Tube Sleeve 1.0 Stainless Steel Tube Sleeve 0.8 Stainless Steel Tube Sleeve 1.2 Composite Tube Sleeve Unilateral Pipe Clamp Bilateral Pipe Clamp Castor Right-hang Seat Castor Left Seat Caster Lower Clamp C Caster Upper Clamp C Caster Upper And Lower Splint B Caster Lower Clamp A Caster Upper Clamp A Galvanized Iron Foot Sleeve 1.0 Composite Tube Sleeve Plastic Foot Cup Upper Seat Rotary Bushing 180° Internal Rotation Joint At Both Ends Parallel Single Internal Screw Joint Rotating Both Ends Joint Right Angle Internal Rotation Straight Head Parallel Internal Screw Joint 180° Swivel End Joint SH-15 Plastic Joint SH-14 Plastic Joint SH-13 Plastic Joint SH-12 Plastic Joint SH-11 Plastic Joint SH-10 Plastic Joint SH-9 Plastic Joint SH-8 Plastic Joint SH-7 Plastic Joint SH-6 Plastic Joint SH-5 Plastic Joint SH-4 Plastic Joint SH-3 Plastic Joint SH-2 Plastic Joint SH-1 Plastic Joint 180° Fixed Joint 160° Fixed Joint 110° Fixed Joint 60° Fixed Joint 45° Fixed Joint 30° Fixed Joint Vertical Joint Right Angle Square Joint Plane Fixed A Flat Fastener Right Angle End Joint Locating Joint Flat Fastener (Small Hole) Flat Fastener (Large Hole) Parallel Double End Fixed Joint Right Angle Four End Joint Right Angle Joint Internal Rotary Joint Right Angle Straight Head 45° Straight Head 90° Cross Half Wrapped Joint 90° Cross joint


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