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T the slider

Model: GLT28-Y-3045X/GLT28-Y-3046X/GLT28-Y-3047X/GLT28-Y-3048X/GLT28-Y-3049X
Material: Carbon steel CS
Weight: 8 g/pcs 7 g/pcs 18 g/pcs 16 g/pcs 7 g/pcs
Standard packaging: 100 sets
Package weight: 0.8 kg/bag 0.7 kg/bag 1.8 kg/bag 1.6 kg/bag 0.7 kg/bag
Package size: in bags
Application: T-shaped slider, used with T-slot aluminum tube (GLT28-T-3003A) and pulley connector (GLT28-J-3040J) (also available for 43T slot aluminum tube).


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T the slider

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T the slider

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