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Installation and composition characteristics of the precision pipeline?

Source:News 2022-04-29 10:53:11 5

Lean pipe assembly line is a necessary item for lean production. The most basic feature of lean pipe assembly line is that it can be disassembled and assembled at will to maximize the unnecessary waste of working hours and maximize the production benefits per unit of time. With lean pipe and lean pipe joint and a series of accessories, we can assemble any lean pipe assembly line we want to maximize production efficiency.


First of all, lean tube made of production line design, should guarantee the shortest distance, so we can save time, also can let our production workers to operate convenient and save time. Accordingly, matching departments need to operate, and it is also very convenient, achieve the largest rationalization application of space. Of course, don't forget to line directly. In order to take into account so many requirements, we should consider its overall form and the arrangement of the installation site when designing the lean pipe assembly line.


Then, said the lean pipe assembly lines each workstation installation method is put each other. There is no doubt that a similar location, is the closer, the better. But don't forget, we are sorted according to the needs of the assembling of the parts of a process, to meet the requirements of assembly on the basis of sorting, and overall arrangement, also need to consider to the problem of logistics. Do to shorten the goods transport routes, reduce work hours. That is what we call rational and scientific design.


In the end, perhaps at the time of design, we can not consider the so comprehensive, or in the actual operation, we will make some changes. But it doesn't matter, because the biggest characteristic is that the lean tube free random assembly, and does not require any professional skills. An inner hexagon wrench is sufficient to complete your thoughts.

Installation and composition characteristics of the precision pipeline?