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How to install lean pipe shelves ?

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How to install lean pipe shelves ?

How to install lean pipe shelves

1. Before installation and construction, be familiar with the drawings and prepare a detailed construction plan for special or complex installation. Know the transportation road and power supply on the installation site in advance.

2. Before the installation of lean pipe shelves, the on-site roofing and internal painting projects shall be basically completed, the relevant foundation floor and trench shall be completed, and the concrete strength shall not be less than 75% of the design strength; The installation site and nearby debris, garbage, etc., should be cleaned up.

3. Perform a self-check.

4. Operate according to the specification of "Lean pipe shelf Assembly Drawing".

Matters needing attention

1. Concealed works before installation of lean pipe shelves should be inspected before concealed works, and construction can be continued after qualified. All kinds of measuring and testing instruments, instruments, meters and equipment used in rack installation should comply with the provisions of the current national measurement laws and regulations, and their accuracy level should not be lower than the accuracy level required by installation.

2. The installation and construction of lean pipe shelves shall comply with the provisions of current national (industry) standards and specifications.