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Industrial lean pipe rack

Source:News 2022-03-15 16:59:11 8

The role of industrial lean pipe rack


 1. Improve warehouse capacity utilization.  Because of its three-dimensional structure, can expand the storage capacity of the warehouse.


 2. Convenient access to goods.  Can achieve first-in, first-out, screening ability is strong, to meet the needs of large quantities of goods, a wide variety of storage and centralized management, so that smooth inventory turnover.


 3. Exempting the possible loss of goods in storage.  Industrial lean pipe rack can make the goods stored in the shelf do not extrude each other, completely ensure the function of the material itself, ensure the quality of stored goods.


The advantages of industrial lean pipe rack


Industrial lean pipe rack bearing capacity, not easy to deformation (such as item card solid technology using high card solid force to ensure the stability of the structure, to prevent the distortion of seamless conduit), easy disassembly, strong compatibility (such as item section 6 series groove rail used in section 6 series D28,  The components of item MB Building system are ideally compatible), beautiful in appearance, wear-resistant, rust-free and reusable.  To meet the modern enterprise low cost, low loss, high efficiency of logistics supply chain management needs.

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