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Precautions for use of lean pipe workbench-SUNQIT

Source:News 2022-03-03 14:28:24 6

Lean pipe workbench can adapt to the needs of modern production from time to time to improve, in line with the man-machine principle, so that the field staff operation standard, can make several people at the station of one person, the completion time is faster. At the same time, lean pipe workbench has the characteristics of light and strong, clean and wear-resistant appearance. Suitable for lean production manufacturers, for the promotion of lean production is of great help. And lean pipe workbench can be independent, can be combined, easy to adjust, can be designed and assembled according to the needs of the operation.


Precautions for use of lean pipe workbench:


1. Pay attention to cleaning during the use of lean pipe workbench.


2. Don't crash and crash into lean pipe workbench, and move and unload lean pipe workbench gently during use.


3. Do not stand on the lean pipe workbench or allow it to accept weight beyond its rated load bearing capacity.


4. Lean pipe workbench should be placed on relatively flat ground and relatively dry environment.


5. Do not place sharp or sharp tools or objects. The surface of the lean pipe workbench is smooth and clean, so as not to scratch the desktop of the lean pipe workbench.


6. Do not often assemble, once the lean pipe workbench is assembled. In this way, it is easy to cause the instability of the lean pipe workbench and reduce the service time of the lean pipe workbench.


7. Do not place acidic and oily objects on the surface of the lean pipe workbench, so as not to corrod the desktop of the lean pipe workbench and affect its normal use.