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Lean pipe workbench assembly line

Source:News 2022-02-26 10:24:17 6

Lean pipe workbench assembly line is mainly composed of lean pipe, lean pipe connector and plate, etc. Lean pipe workbench is nicknamed as assembly line workbench, Lean pipe production line, etc.



The lean pipe workbench assembly line rapidly increases the output, greatly reduces the production cost, but also increases the profit margin.


Use flexibility, can reduce manpower cost and material resources.  Even in some industries, it is possible to work without supervision.


Lean pipe workbench assembly line strain capacity is large, the coordination of production line equipment is very strong, the layout of the system is very reasonable, the increase and decrease of equipment is also very convenient, can meet the very large demand of the market.


Stable production, lean pipe workbench assembly line will be systematic production, output is quite stable.


The utilization rate of the equipment is very high. After the machine tool is integrated into the lean pipe workbench assembly line, the output will be increased many times when the dispersed machine tool is working.

Lean pipe workbench assembly line