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Lean pipe

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Lean pipe has been widely used in the world. Its outer layer has plastic coating layer, the middle is a metal layer, and the inner layer is an anti-rust layer. This kind of lean pipe has low cost, but strong practicability, and it is an essential basic material for logistics industry and manufacturing industry.

Production line has many names, including lean pipe and coated pipe. It is generally used with lean pipe joint. Lean pipe is the basic assembly material of lean workbench, shelf and turnover car.

The production line is designed with load capacity in mind, and its strength can be increased by adding fulcrum, connecting parts, and by using double covered plastic tubes in parallel. When designing the structure, ensure that the main load is applied directly to the pipe fitting and not to the coupling. The maximum horizontal distance every 600mm (according to the specific weight to design the specific structure) can be built at will, the building block assembly method, must be supported by vertical columns and the ground, and every 1200mm, vertical columns should be directly to the ground. For castor products, the chassis shall be of double rod parallel construction. The horizontal distance is 600mm. The safe bearing capacity of a single cable rod and guide rail is 30kg.

The strength of a whole plastic cover is stronger than that of several plastic cover pipes connected by the collet string, so when the plastic cover pipe is selected, the rod must be the whole root, and the connecting rod can be segmented. The width of each column of sliding shelves (center distance) is the width of the turnover box placed +60mm; The height of each layer is the height of the turnover box +50mm.

Determine the incline Angle of the guide rail. Generally, the incline Angle of the guide rail is 5 to 8 degrees. When placing precision materials, heavy materials, and the bottom of the revolving box is smooth, the incline Angle should be smaller.

The use of lean pipe products should be carefully considered when designing them. If they do not need to be moved, they should not be designed as casters. Lean pipe products are also known as flexible, according to your site situation and customer requirements, comprehensive design scheme, flexible disassembly and assembly, no welding, practical, automobile, electronics, printing, clothing, dust-proof workshop, installation more sanitary, pollution-free.