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Production Line

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Production Line


    The production line starting from raw materials enters the production site. It is the route line passed by the production process, which is constituted by production activities such as processing, transportation, assembly, and inspection. The production line is organized according to the production object. It's a kind of production organization that completes the product manufacturing process based on the principle of product specialization.


1. The production line is simple, all parts use lean pipe and joint to the combination.

2. Convenient maintenance, beautiful appearance, reliable operation.

3. It is widely used in the transportation of parts assembly in electronics, home appliances, food, automobiles, motorcycles, and other industries.

Type of production line:

    According to the scope: production lines and parts production lines.

    According to the rhythm: assembly lines and non-assembly lines.

    According to the degree of automation: automated production lines and non-automated production lines.

Production Line

Production Line