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"SUNQIT" company

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"SUNQIT" company, the words represent not only the company's corporate culture, but also its professional spirit.

"S" refers to "service", which aims to serve customers with the goal of company, individual, team and society development.

"U" refers to "universal" means to take the domestic and foreign market as the guidance, in the global integration of economic system, look inside and outside, formed and gradually improve the global economic market;

"N" refers to "new", which means constantly innovating on the basis of basic technology, exploring new technology and structure, lean structure, optimize production and improve efficiency.

The meaning of "QIT" is "Quality", "Information" and "technology". At the same time, "QIT" also embodies a spirit strongly advocated by the United States and Japan at present: Quality Improvement Team has been introduced into China.

"SUNQIT" company

SUNQIT founded in 2005, which is a one-stop solution supplier of lean production equipment integrating R&D, production, manufacturing and training services. The company's R&D headquarters is located in Shenzhen, China. SUNQIT continues to innovate around the needs of customers, open cooperation with partners, in household appliances, automobiles, communications, computer peripherals, video and audio, security and other fields to build a one-stop solution.


The company provides services mainly include: lean flexible low-cost automation factory solutions, lean flexible automatic information chemical plant solutions, low-cost intelligent production line solutions, low-cost intelligent logistics warehousing solutions, in-factory logistics turnover solutions, material distribution solutions, etc. The main products provided by SUNQIT are: lean flexible cell production line, flexible low-cost automatic production line, LCIA automatic workstation appliance, lean tube workbench, lean flexible turnaround car, lean flexible line body, LCIA standard connector, low cost standard module and electronic auxiliary equipment around the production line.


SUNQIT currently has an independent technology research and development team, with more than 10 lean management improvement experts and more than 20 engineers (including mechanical, electrical, software development, automation, IE engineers). We have obtained more than 40 invention patents and utility patents. After nearly 10 years of rapid development and continuous accumulation, has for more than 1500 manufacturing and assembly enterprises to provide scientific and effective lean production solutions and low-cost from chemical assembly, and many large manufacturing enterprises to establish long-term strategic partnership. In China, the headquarters in Shenzhen, the branch has suzhou. So far, in India, Vietnam, Italy, Germany, North America and other places have branches and dealers, and established a professional site construction and operation service team, the business scope has gradually covered every corner of the world.


SUNQIT will continue to promote technological innovation and product service advantages, focus on the intelligent factory assembly assembly manufacturing industry to provide scientific one-stop solution and lean production in the process of manufacturing equipment, through the system of one-stop solution, really help customers to create value and enhance the core competitiveness of customers, pragmatic enterprise manufacturing and lean management, towards intelligent manufacturing.

"SUNQIT" company

"SUNQIT" company