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What is the composite pipe?

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Like other pipes, the composite pipe is made up of several layers, usually including at least one thermoplastic liner, reinforcing middle layers and an outer thermoplastic protective jacket. Due to its flexibility, a flexible composite pipes can be spooled onto a reel for efficient transportation and fast installation without the need for as many connections.

What is the composite pipe?

Our composite pipe has an outside diameter of 28mm and a length of 4 meters, which can be tailored to your needs. The thickness of the steel strip has 0.7mm, 0.9mm, 1.1mm,1.4mm,1.8mm. The material of this compound pipe is PE/ABS+ cold rolled steel. We have a wide selection of colors.

What is the composite pipe?

These composite pipes have low coefficient of thermal expansion, thus limiting pipe movement, making it an ideal material to be used in places with high temperature variation. Due to composite pipe materials used, these types of plastic pipe are resistant to corrosion as well as having stronger mechanical properties than unreinforced pipe materials. They are stronger than their unreinforced alternatives and better able to resist forces that are applied during installation, while also being lighter than metal pipes, making them easier and thereby less expensive to install. The composite pipe is stronger and more durable than PVC pipe, protecting against sun and bursting.

Reinforced thermoplastic piping systems are more cost-effective than either metallic pipe or non-reinforced thermoplastics. Advancements in composite materials have allowed them to become a viable alternative to metal for a range of applications. These pipes are non-corrosive; do not require cathodic protection and are resistant to acidic and sulphurous sewer environment. The smooth internal surface of these pipes prevents buildup of solid material, and the growth of bacteria and microbes, eliminating conditions like tuberculation. Clearing blockages using pressure jets and other methods is easier in composite pipes than in pipes of other material.

Composite pipes can be manufactured to specific needs depending on the conditions to which it will be subjected. They can also be cut into desired lengths of segments making it convenient to install. They can be made strong enough to withstand structural settlement, high surge pressure and seismic loads.

Composite pipes come in a range of different types, including reinforced thermoplastic pipes (RTPs) and thermoplastic composite pipes (TCPs).

The lifespan of composite pipe is between 50 to 100 years. Composite pipe is often used for lean production lines, worktables, turnover cars, shelves, LCIA finished product assembly.

What is the composite pipe?

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