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LCIA--Low Cost Intelligent Automation

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The concept of pipe and joint systems came to our attention some years ago when we were dealing with the philosophy of Lean Production. 

SUNQIT founded in 2005, it is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. 

We focus towards lean pipe manufacturing products of research and development. The establishment of lean profile enterprise standard, fill the country internal standard blank.  At present, the company has more than 10 lean improvement experts and more than 40 engineers. ( It is including mechanical, electrical, vision, software and IE engineer).  

There are more than 40 patents.  After nearly 16 years of rapid development and continuous accumulation, we has more than 6000 manufacturing and assembly enterprises to provide scientific and effective lean production solutions. our main products are workbench, hand trolley, storage rack, pipe joint, alum pipe, castor, roller track etc. Our company has more than 16 years experience, and our products support customized. 

We initially distributed the products of a major European manufacturer and were very successful in Germany, Austria and Japanese. The market potential far exceeded that of any other product in our range. After working with several suppliers and seeing the weaknesses within these, we decided in 2005 to launch our own product: LCIA--Low Cost Intelligent Automation.

Of course, we followed international standards as regards dimensions of the pipe and the joints – one of the major advantages of this system for any customer is that the parts from all major manufacturers are compatible. Needless to say, we chose quality over price when selecting grades of steel, plating, precision and finishing. Our rapid growth has proven this decision to be correct.


Pipe and joint systems, as an efficient tool for implementation of Lean Manufacture, lay bare the potential for improvement in the areas of design of work places. Because the principles are easily understood, the material relatively cheap and the possibilities endless, the first successes in improvement are rapid and build enthusiasm for further change.


A cycle thus results, the improvements in one department fuelling the appetite for change in others, work done in one area showing new potential elsewhere. Nor does this end at the workstation or individual applications such as trolleys, flow racks or packaging areas, it soon becomes evident that this tool can be applied to redesign the entire manufacturing area, giving flexibility where none existed previously. Properly applied, pipe and joint systems offer the opportunity to greatly improve productivity in a wide range of manufacturing, packaging, storage, retail and logistic industries.


SUNQIT is now a major supplier of these systems throughout Europe – and beyond! We have customers in northern and southern Africa, South America, Russia, Turkey and throughout Europe. Our assembly teams are based in Vietnam, India, Czech Republic, Russia and Morocco. Our principal stocks are in Vietnam and India with stocks in other locations as required.

LCIA--Low Cost Intelligent Automation