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Aluminum tube——Kaizen pipe racking system

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aluminum pipe is a new product that has appeared on the market in recent years.

It is a 6005T6 series aluminum alloy lean pipe, which developed based on the composite pipe and made of aluminum alloy material by high temperature and high- pressure extrusion molding process.

The pipe has a strong carrying capacity and stable product performance, it mainly used in the rapid assembly of the assembly line and lean production equipment.

The application of the aluminum tube 'Kaizen' pipe racking system in the field of the lean tube, which is a major innovation in the field of the lean pipe.


1Environmental protectionsimplicity, speed, and low cost. It also meets the  'Kaizen' pipe racking systemJIT production model. And a flexible pipe racking system can improve work efficiency.

2It is ergonomic and convenient to adjust the height of the flexible pipe racking system appliance.

Such as workbenches, material turnover vehicles, shelves, unpowered assembly line and lean production equipment, etc.

Advantage :

1.  Aluminum pipe material is light and rigid, strong load-bearing capacity, anti-corrosion, and anti-rust.

2.  There are various types of aluminum wire rod connectors, which are easy to be assembled, convinent, and beautiful.

3.  Representative of modern flexible production lines, the assembly efficiency has been greatly improved compared with the previous ordinary pipe of products.


1.  Used for flexible production line materials, packaging production lines, flexible pipe racking system, and workstation application.

2.  The use of workbenches in each production line and the use of sorting products.

3.  Supermarket merchandise display racks, personalized display racks.

4.  Multi-layer material loading vehicles, temporary storage vehicles, and specially designed mobile devices.

5.  Use of storage shelves, medium, and light multi-layer shelves.

6.   'Kaizen' pipe racking system.


Aluminum tube——Kaizen pipe racking system

Aluminum tube——Kaizen pipe racking system

Aluminum tube——Kaizen pipe racking system

Aluminum tube——Kaizen pipe racking system

video——'Kaizen' pipe racking system