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Lean system talent Solutions

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First, existing problems.

1. How to build a lean corporate culture with full participation and continuous improvement?  

2. How to shape the staff at all levels of three spirit, team problem-solving consciousness, mutual respect atmosphere, everyone's ability to educate people?

3. How can we build up a group of internal instructors, trainers, mentor team?

4. How can we nurture a succession of internal successors?

How to plan employees' career?  What kind of career path promotes self-awareness and job stability?

Lean system talent Solutions

Second, solutions provided.

With policy management as the driving force, lean culture as the foundation, lean personnel management as the main axis, and lean education and training as the means to comprehensively improve the quality of all kinds of employees.  Relying on the guidance and planning of the HUMAN resources department, it guides all departments and levels of the enterprise to form an environment of education for everyone, realizes the independent human resources management of the non-human resources department, and truly realizes the goal of self-discipline of employees and continuous evolution of the enterprise from the whole system and process.  

1. Lean policy management system  

To build a process-oriented system, which is different from the challenge and improvement strategies of daily management, and carries on the implementation strategy from top to bottom and voluntarily supports the completion of strategy from bottom to top, so as to drive the continuous evolution of employees and enterprises from the realization of strategy.  

2. Lean personnel management system  

From choosing, using, education, evaluation, leave the five dimensions of optimizing the enterprise organizational structure and post setting, clear layer don't lean ability elements, design staff career promotion channels, the implementation of performance evaluation system, combined with the ability to interview training to improve the method, supplemented by lean type salary distribution system and post qualification promotion system, all-round shape an employee self-discipline environment,  To build a personnel system in which employees evolve themselves and comprehensively improve their quality.  

3. Lean education and training system  

By job don't standardization of curriculum setting, curriculum, course evaluation, drive the construction of enterprise internal trainers and instructors, with lean management training dojo and staff skills up dojo as the carrier, use the means such as on-the-job training, job promotion.

Lean system talent Solutions

Third, expected Effect:  

1. To eliminate the obvious talent waste caused by poor management, such as overqualified, passive work, brain drain;  

2. To eliminate the use of small material caused by improper and cognitive bias, talent potential waste and other recessive indirect talent waste;  

3. Promote and guarantee the implementation of lean management through the lean human resource management;  

4. Improve and enhance the lean quality and ability of employees at all levels;  

5. Pull the functional departments of the enterprise to participate in the lean management and strategic business activities of the enterprise automatically and effectively;  

6. Make the enterprise become a learning organization in the true sense;  

7. For the enterprise to create a staff self-discipline and self-evolution environment;  

To achieve a corporate culture of continuous improvement and respect and trust.