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Intelligent logistics warehousing solutions

Source:News 2021-12-15 09:22:45 6

     First, existing problems (current difficulties faced by the manufacturing industry).

    More orders, more urgent orders?  

    Confusion at the production site and a mountain of semi-finished goods?

Intelligent logistics warehousing solutions

Second, solutions provided.

Warehouse, workshop planning scheme: warehouse and workshop space, layout and area fixing, production line sideline logistics containers and station equipment arrangement, etc.  

Logistics management solutions: logistics strategy, logistics management organization structure and human resources allocation, logistics management process, logistics container management methods, etc.  

Investment and scheme comparison: container quantity integration, logistics equipment coordination, investment cost portfolio model integration.

Intelligent logistics warehousing solutions

Third, main forms of achievements. 

Logistics route optimization;  

Province of humanization;  


Reduced warehouse occupancy;  

The warehouse account card is consistent;  

Reduce material loss in warehouse;  

Reduce warehouse staffing.  

Low productivity and no passion among employees?  

Customer orders can't be delivered on time?  

     Purchase material confusion, poor set?