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Lean production line solutions

Source:News 2021-12-14 18:16:13 4

First, existing problems.

Production is not coordinated, resulting in more labor hiring, production benefit is not high;

Production equipment management system is not complete, resulting in improper use of staff (storage).

Unreasonable arrangement of production line, resulting in waste of human resources.

Lean production line solutions

Second, solutions provided.

All-day service, engineer door-to-door service, on-site communication proposed production line design scheme;

Lean production line manufacturers, to provide solutions, design, installation and other comprehensive services, low product cost;

Provide lean production consulting, training, production site improvement, production line relocation project.

Professional design automation flexible workbench for customers, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and after-sales service.

Lean production line solutions

Third, the expected effect.

Improve the efficiency of operators and equipment tooling;

Man-hour consumption per product, reduce cost (equal to increase per output)

Reduce the process of waste, really achieve "a flow";

On the basis of balanced production line to achieve unit production, improve the production strain capacity, corresponding to market changes, to achieve flexible production system;

Through the production line can be comprehensively applied to program analysis, action analysis, planning (Layout) analysis, handling analysis, time analysis and other IE techniques, improve the comprehensive quality of all staff.

Save the site and beautify the whole factory.

Diversification of material use, while reducing the waste of idle placement.

Improve production efficiency, sustainable improvement.

Thoroughly humanized management, conducive to start the staff thinking, talent cultivation.