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Intelligent factory informatization L-MES solution

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Manufacturing execution management system is the link of enterprise CIMS information integration, and it is an advanced technical means to implement enterprise agile manufacturing strategy and workshop production agility.  

First, existing problems (current difficulties faced by the manufacturing industry).  

China's manufacturing enterprises face increasingly fierce competition at home and abroad, rising production costs and lower and lower profit margins, the user of the product demand is higher and higher, how to rapidly improve the enterprise's core competitive ability is imminent, it is important, is to drive industrialization by informationization, to accelerate the process of informatization, take a new road to industrialization,  Realize the leapfrog development of the productive forces of the whole society.  Throughout the application of manufacturing information System in China, the construction of ERP management System and field automation System (Shop Floor Control System, SFC) are generally focused on two aspects.  However, due to the rapid evolution of product marketing from production-oriented to market-oriented and competition-oriented in the past 20 years, it also poses challenges to the management and organization of manufacturing enterprises' production sites. ERP and field automation systems are often unable to cope with the new situation.  Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) can fill this gap.

Intelligent factory informatization L-MES solution

Second, solutions provided.

The positioning of MES is the execution layer between the planning layer and the field automation system, mainly responsible for workshop production management and scheduling execution.  A well-designed MES system can be integrated on a unified platform, such as production scheduling, product tracking, quality control, equipment failure analysis, network management functions, such as using the unified database and Internet connection can at the same time for the production department, qc department, technology department, logistics department provides workshop management information service.  By emphasizing the overall optimization of the manufacturing process, the system helps enterprises to implement a complete closed-loop production, and assists enterprises to establish an integrated and real-time ERP/MES/SFC information system.

Intelligent factory informatization L-MES solution

Third, the expected results.

MES provides effective solutions for manufacturing enterprises, providing continuous efficiency, cost savings and quality improvement for enterprises.  Its core function: such as equipment data acquisition and analysis, material feeding mistake proofing, writers stay, quality control, process validation, production process monitoring, equipment efficiency calculation, calculation efficiency, production data back, SOP document paperless, defect automatic alarm, report generation, and ERP, WMS, CRM, OA system, such as the open interface, etc.