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Lean operation one-stop solution

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The first, existing problems.  

Management upgrade and enterprise transformation is imminent, should we give up or continue to invest?  Or a comeback?  How to get rid of the current situation, how to break through quickly?  Why can't the company's strategy be implemented?  Can't carry out the business plan?  Can't keep good people?  Lean operation management consulting services help enterprises get rid of all kinds of confusion, open the door of wisdom, improve the comprehensive operation capacity and performance of enterprises, and establish a set of management mechanism suitable for long-term support and sustainable operation of the enterprise.  

The second, solutions provided.  

Lean production is developed on the basis of "Toyota production system", but it is beyond Toyota production system in scope, concept and application.  Lean production is closely described as a set of principles, ideas, and techniques that continuously improve the manufacturing system to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by eliminating all waste throughout the production process.  

Lean is an Oriental way of thinking. It focuses on solving problems from a macro perspective and overall implementation. It is a comparison method.  Copy a solution from one place to another similar place.  Lean is suitable for solving time-related problems such as delivery time, punctuality, cycle time, etc.  Lean looks at problems from a macro perspective of VSM.  Identify waste that affects the entire process and implement improvements through comprehensive value management.

Lean operation one-stop solution

Solution provides the main contents of lean production mode, pattern implementation basic method and the way of manufacturing companies introduce skills, and for domestic enterprises the key and difficult problem in the production practice, put forward the targeted solution, for domestic manufacturers to provide a set of advanced manufacturing mode, comprehensive and improve enterprise manufacturing competitiveness,  Finally realize manufacturing value and profit.  

The objective of lean operation system introduction is to establish a world-class lean operation system and build a lean continuous improvement culture for enterprises, obtain continuous process improvement through process improvement and talent cultivation, establish a learning organization and flexible operation mechanism, and establish a commanding position in the current market competition.

The third, the benefits of lean operation.  

1. Reduced delivery time from months to weeks (or from weeks to hours);

2. Product quality close to zero defect (6 Sigma level);

3. Sustainable improvement of company profitability;

4. Customer and employee satisfaction significantly improved.  

Through lean leadership and personnel training, the lean culture of the enterprise is cultivated. The focus of the lean operation system is to establish a cultural environment for the improvement of all employees in the enterprise. Through practice improvement and performance breakthrough, the high performance team is driven to establish a lean improvement culture, so as to establish a lean improvement culture for every day, every person and every place.