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Implementation of lean production management in office

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Going back to the first principles, when you start office lean, that means a clear understanding of the situation.  The effort required in the knowledge work environment is called visual management or simply visual visualization.  Here are some simple things you can do:  

Visualize today's work.  If these tasks are not clearly defined, there is no objective way to measure success today and why.

Implementation of lean production management in office

1. Visualize the process  

What is the process of work?  Where is the work done?  Where can I do it?  Who can do the job?  Cross-cultivate employees with a skill matrix that gets the information flowing.  

2. Visualize the situation  

Where is the work now?  Is it earlier or later?  These should be present in the lean production office as soon as possible.  If that requires meetings, or you need to ask questions, then you're not doing lean visual management.  

3. Visualize waste  

In general, anything that gets in the way of doing today's work is waste, variability and overload and should be eliminated.  

4. Make your goals clear  

       The goal is to get as close to the ideal as possible.  Eliminating waste, variation and overloading is key, but you need to be realistic.  How do we achieve that goal in a way that makes us safer, improves the quality of our products, and makes our jobs easier?  And how do consumers reward us for what we do?