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What is the difference between flexible production line and automatic line?

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    Flexible production line in the current manufacturing industry has been very popular, the cost of high-end full automation line is not ordinary enterprises can afford, flexible production line from the cost, flexibility, many varieties of small batch order demand is very advantageous, What is flexible production line? What is the difference between flexible production line and automatic production line?

What is the difference between flexible production line and automatic line?

1. Difference in output requirements: 

High flexible production line is the biggest characteristic of flexible, low cost, in today's market development and changes quickly, many varieties of small batch orders demand is the norm, product updates faster, need production must adapt to the fast pace of orders demand, so the flexible production line is conceived and gave birth to, at the same time costs are small a few thousand to more than ten, relative to the automation line, millions of,  Even tens of millions, the cost is very different.

Automatic line production of products should be large enough output;  Product design and process should be advanced, stable, reliable, and in a long time to keep basically unchanged.  In a large number of production, the use of automatic line can improve labor productivity, stability and improve product quality, improve working conditions, reduce production area, reduce production costs, shorten the production cycle, ensure the balance of production, there are significant economic benefits.

2. Structural differences:  

Flexible production lines are simple in structure and flexible in assembly, which has solved great problems for production, installation, production and transportation. Other types of worktables, due to their large size, are often not good for transportation after production, and often have to go to the site for production, which not only delays the work, but also brings a lot of inconvenience to the production.

3. Function differences of production line:  

The automatic line carries heavy products, and the synchronous operation of the production line, can realize the product climbing; The production beat is not very fast;  With the chain plate surface as the bearing, the smooth delivery of products can be realized.

The flexible production line carries lighter products with less shape restriction.  Synchronous operation with the production line, can realize the product climbing turn;  Belt as the carrier and transport, can achieve smooth product transport, low noise;  It can realize long distance transportation of light materials or products.