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What's the good about the rod rack?

Source:News 2021-09-16 13:54:31 23 Rod rack Roller Track

Flexible wire rod + accessories, can be combined into various styles of workbench, shelves, turnover cars, etc.  The feature are: Beautiful, simple, dismountable.

1. Light and flexible. Easy to install, adjust and move.

2. Simple design.  Do not need professional training to operate - DIY.  Installation does not need professional tools, no pollution.  

3. To save time.  Usually a 10-station line can be made by 5-6 people in a day. 

4. Save money.  The price is cheap;  And the removed pipe or chuck can be reused.  

5. Beautiful.

What's the good about the rod rack?

According to whether the shelf is fixed or mobile, it can be divided into:

fixed shelves: fixed shelves can be subdivided into shelf type, pallet type, through type, gravity type, pressure type, Pavilion type, steel structure platform, cantilever type, flow type, drawer type and leg type shelves.  

Mobile shelves: mobile shelves can be subdivided into mobile shelves and rotating shelves, of which mobile shelves can be subdivided into light and medium mobile shelves (also known as dense shelves, divided into manual and electric), heavy pallet mobile shelves, rotating shelves can be subdivided into horizontal rotating, heavy straight rotating shelves two.  

According to the overall structure of the shelf is welded or assembled, it can be divided into:

(1) welding shelf.

(2) assembled shelves. At present, most of the domestic people use of assembled shelves.

According to the connection between the shelf system and the warehouse building structure, it can be divided into:

The storage rack is one type shelf.  The racking system and the roof of the building constitute an integral whole. The roof load is directly supported by the rack columns, and the building envelope (wall) structure is installed on the columns on both sides.  

separation of structural shelves.  The racking system and the building are two separate systems, which have no direct connection with each other.  

However, the line bar shelf collection of many of the advantages, is the modern production of lean products.  It can realize the information management of inventory goods, save manpower and material resources to improve the distribution efficiency, strengthen the liquidity of goods, FIFO, convenient access, greatly improve the work efficiency, speed up the speed of flow operations and so on.