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How to promote the construction of lean management system?

Source:News 2021-09-16 13:44:22 2 Lean management system Lead pipe

How to promote the construction of lean management system?  This is a problem that modern enterprises need to be cautious about. The government has clearly proposed to further promote lean management, practice the "internal function" of reducing cost and increasing efficiency through "division of lean management", promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprise management, and achieve sustainable, stable and healthy development.  Lean management requires us to focus on the key points, highlight the key points, make solid progress and strive for practical results under the vision of system construction  

First, clear thinking is the basis of promoting lean management.  

Thinking determines the way out. Accurate and clear lean management thinking plays a leading role in direction and must be combined with the development situation of the industry and the enterprise.  First of all, we should deeply understand that promoting lean management is an inevitable choice for the industry to cope with the challenges of competition, an inevitable requirement for the transformation from extensive management to fine management, and a powerful measure to cope with the severe situation of declining sales volume, rising production costs and overdraft of commercial profits. 

The formation of lean management ideas must be based on the deep understanding and grasp of the reform and development of the industry and the contradictions faced by it.  Secondly, we should firmly grasp that the essence of lean management is to use the method of value stream to optimize the allocation of enterprise resources and achieve the maximum benefit.  The formulation of ideas should aim at continuously promoting "first-class management", focusing on improving the weak links of management, making up for the shortcomings of basic management, and seeking methods, benefits and development from lean management. 

Again, clear the thinking of lean management, must take lean thinking, lean methods, lean organization, process, the target into the whole process, around three rate, reduce the enterprise management the key indexes such as per capita labor efficiency, reduce waste, reduce the cost, control costs, improve the benefit of concept throughout the whole process of production and business operation, management potential and the depth of mining efficiency,  We will work hard to reduce costs and increase returns.  

Second, goal setting is the key to promote lean management.  

The goal setting of lean management reflects the value pursuit of lean management, reflects the depth of lean management, and determines the height of lean management.  In terms of goal setting, we should first highlight the concept that "management is productivity and economy is competitiveness", take quality improvement, efficiency improvement and upgrading as the core guidance, implement the requirement that "profit-making enterprises should be regarded as loss-making enterprises", and promote enterprises to take the connotation development path of innovation-driven and value creation. 

Second, lean marketing, lean monopoly, lean logistics and lean comprehensive management should be integrated into the target system, so as to promote the comprehensive implementation of cost reduction and efficiency improvement at all levels, links and posts of the enterprise, so as to achieve full-staff, whole-process and all-around lean management.  Third, we should adhere to management integration and continuous improvement. Based on the quality management system and occupational health and safety management system, combined with standardization work, we should use lean management methods and tools to build an enterprise comprehensive management system, and realize the lean improvement of PDCA cycle through continuous improvement. 

The cycle of continuous improvement is constituted by rationalization suggestions, waste point improvement, lean topic research, lean results release, lean diagnosis and tool mastery, forming the continuous improvement support system of lean management, and establishing a relatively perfect cycle improvement working mechanism including discovery mechanism, improvement mechanism and evaluation mechanism.  Fourth, focus on the establishment and improvement of lean working mechanism and incentive mechanism, highlight the construction of lean benchmarking, lean standards, lean activities, lean evaluation and lean culture, stimulate and tap the multi-dimensional and multi-level potential of lean management such as individuals, teams, organizational departments and management departments, and continue to release the dividends of lean management.  

Third, identifying the carrier is the starting point of promoting lean management.  

The implementation of lean management must find the right carrier and platform, which is the necessary way and means to promote the implementation of lean management ideas and achieve the goal of lean management.  First, we should broaden our horizons and enrich the carriers. We should embody and implement the ideas and objectives of lean management in specific carriers such as science and technology projects, lean topics, QC topics, waste point improvement and rationalization suggestions, so as to meet the requirements of lean improvement at different levels, with different difficulties and with different objectives. 

Second, we should vigorously implement the project drive, closely around the superior strategic deployment of the concise project, combined with the requirements of the industry to comprehensively promote lean management and the actual situation of the enterprise, adhere to the "problem" orientation, focus on promoting the organic integration of innovation and development, solve development problems through scientific and technological innovation, and promote the continuous improvement of enterprise management quality.  Third, we should build a lean improvement platform for positions, improve the mass innovation management mechanism, and enhance the innovation awareness and quality awareness of all employees by organizing innovation training and carrying out "golden ideas" solicitation activities, so as to give full play to the talents of all employees and consolidate the lean management synergy.  

Fourth, strengthening assessment is the driving force to promote lean management.  

To establish a scientific and reasonable evaluation and incentive mechanism is an important link to promote the implementation of lean management and an important measure to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to participate in lean management.  First, we should strive to establish a scientific evaluation system.  The evaluation system should fully cover the lean objectives and ensure that the evaluation indicators can be quantified and run through all the work of the enterprise.  We should establish the evaluation method with efficiency and benefit as the core, pay attention to the improvement of efficiency and benefit, and pay attention to the measurement and evaluation of management benefit.  Second, special assessment should be carried out. 

Develop and improve the special assessment standards for lean management, systematically summarize and define indicators such as management by objectives, lean topics, training promotion and implementation, field management, standard system, team building, etc., implement monthly assessment, carry out regular self-evaluation, identify weak links and make continuous and effective improvement. Third, we must implement the incentive of examination and evaluation. 

Based on objectives, processes, topics, publicity and on-site management, the company formulated lean management evaluation and reward methods, and set up benchmarking units, individual outstanding units, post stars and other evaluation standards to form a multi-dimensional and three-dimensional evaluation system to fully stimulate employees' enthusiasm for participating in lean management. Through the assessment and incentive, a strong atmosphere of lean management is created, and the employees are guided to firmly establish the lean concept of "everyone has the ability to improve, and everything has the opportunity to improve", so as to promote the lean management practice to the level of lean management culture.