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Automatic and flexible production lines have their own advantages

Source:News 2021-09-16 11:50:28 9 Automatic production line Flexible rod production line

There are many kinds of production lines, among which the automatic production line and flexible rod production line are the ones with good performance and wide use.

1,Advantages of automatic production line 

The use of automatic line production of products should be large enough output;  Product design and process should be advanced, stable, reliable, and in a longer period of time to maintain the basic unchanged.  In a large number of, mass production in the use of automatic line can improve labor productivity, stability and improve product quality, improve working conditions, reduce the production area, reduce production costs, shorten the production cycle, ensure the balance of production, there are significant economic benefits.  

2, the advantages of flexible rod production line  

The flexible production line is a kind of production system with complex technology and high automatization. It combines the technology of microelectronics, computer and system engineering reasonably, which solves the contradiction between high automatization and high flexibility in mechanical manufacturing.  For our modern production technology with the ideal equipment, is the main embodiment of the production capacity.  

○ High equipment utilization rate: combined flexible production line, the output is several times higher than that of a single flexible workbench.  

○ Large strain capacity: the system layout is reasonable, and can be more free combination of the size of the production workshop, easy to increase and decrease equipment, to meet the market needs.  

○ The production capacity is stable: in the process of use, the flexible production line has the ability to bypass the faulty machine tool by itself on the material transfer system.  Capacity is much more stable.  

Simple structure, flexible assembly, which has solved a big problem for my production, installation, production and transportation. Due to the large size of other types of worktables, they are often not good for transportation after production. Most of the time, they have to go to the site for production.