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What problem does LCIA simple automation solve?

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Now most enterprises are affected by traditional automation equipment. LCIA blind pursuit of high speed, large output and extensive use, and even high cost of investment, such design and investment concepts lead to huge waste and even strategic failure of enterprises! With the hermetic side is one of the two pillars of Lean management and TPS, and it is also an important concept that lean management must use when talking about quality. This course adhering to the speed, miniaturization, specialized low-cost, can be homemade field development route, through the introduction of humanization and labor-saving devices and automation system, can reduce labor, greatly reduce production and management costs, improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

What problem does LCIA simple automation solve?

Simple automation (LCIA) attaches great importance to human-machine combination, and gives full play to the wisdom and creativity of operators. It is suitable for the production mode of "multiple varieties and small batch", especially for the needs of the transformation and upgrading of current industrial enterprises.