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Which factory does lean management better?

Source:News 2021-10-26 11:48:00 5

Lean tube also has several manufacturers in China, which has its own production lean tube equipment, Sunqits lean tube not only has its own production plant, but also do lean trestle, revolving cars, wire rods, shelves, lean production, LCIA one-stop sourcing platform, supporting one-stop service, especially the engineering and technical team and service team are very mature.  

Which factory does lean management better?

Sunqit set up to this day, and it has been 14 years of history. We have served thousands of manufacturing customers. We also work with many fortune 500 companies ( It's hard to disclose without a confidentiality agreement ). In terms of overall strength, recommend you consult Sunqit, not only from the lean pipe price, quality, brands and services, but also from the aspects of its scale, shipments and complete product model factors to consider.