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How to design the drawing of lean pipe workbench?

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In the industry, the procurement of lean pipe workbench generally needs customization, because the application environment is different, so the drawings of lean pipe workbench should be designed in advance. Lean tube workbench design is not very difficult. Sunqirt has 13 years of industry experience for you to do a simple analysis!

How to design the drawing of lean pipe workbench?

The drawing of lean pipe workbench contains 3 blocks:  

The first, main drawing and frame drawing of lean pipe workbench design.

How to design the drawing of lean pipe workbench?

The second, remark information (lean pipe material, panel material, slide track type, foot cup type, etc). 

How to design the drawing of lean pipe workbench?

The third, design enterprise information.

This is the drawing for the client to see.

How to design the drawing of lean pipe workbench?

Factors should be considered before design of lean pipe workbench:  

The first, usage and application scenario. There are two points can be drawn: on the one hand, it is whether to prevent static electricity, on the other hand, product size should be determined. If applied to electronic workshop, there must be anti-static demand, workbench and foot cup should use anti-static lean pipe accessories. If lean pipe workbench is combined with other workbench, size matching need to be considered.

The second, product bearing capacity. This is a crucial consideration. If the product is heavy, it can be considered to strengthen the lean pipe workbench, using some strengthening joints. In addition, you can also use a thicker lean tube material, or a larger diameter of lean tube, such as Sunqits aluminum tube is divided into 28mm diameter and 43 diameter aluminum tube, but also divided into 1.2mm thickness and 1.7mm thickness of aluminum tube, there are a variety of strengthening joints.

The third, accessories requirements. This is more intuitive communication needs, such as whether the need for signal lights, air pipes and so on.

The fourth, beautiful appearance requirements. For large manufacturing enterprises, the appearance is still more important, which can consider increasing some surface treatment process, special packaging, etc. And it can also replace the third generation of lean tube - aluminum tube, it is also very beautiful.  

The above four factors can be considered before the design, and basically the work can be started. It should be noted that after the design, the customer and IE engineering designer need to communicate and confirm, and truly meet the customer's requirements later, the staffs can assemble the lean pipe workbench.