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In March 2018,SUNQIT officially established its Vietnam branch,  SUNQIT’s sales director Liu Bei is responsible for the Vietnam branch.While the business grows, it set up factories in  Beining province of Vietnam.It produces composite bags in Vietnam (shielding bags, aluminum foil bags, aluminum plating bag, vacuum bag).

In June 2019, SUNQIT continue to invest in Vietnam market, and expand the two factories. The company also took over a Vietnamese enterprise in Haiphong, Vietnam, and added new business projects. In March 2020, The company moved the two factories to Beining province of Vietnam, which is committed to helping overseas manufacturing enterprises transform and upgrade, and adding a force.

The products and services of Vietnam branch mainly include

The first,lean manufacturing equipment (wire rod, assembly line, workbench, Lean production line, shelf, ESD turnover equipment and labor protection consumables, and all kinds of non-standard products).


The second, production and sales of raw materials for composite packaging bags, compound packaging bag design, production and sales. At present, the Vietnam branch has its own office, warehouse and factory, it fully equipped with the ability of order customization and batch delivery. At the same time, it has its own coating machine, printing machine, bag making machine and other equipment in the field of packaging bags. And then, it has a perfect dust-free workshop system, testing process system and enterprise management has passed ISO9001 certification. It has imported into the Vietnamese version of ERP production management system, which can be customized and batch to meet customer needs.

Vietnam Branch Address: Guibu Industrial Zone (expanded Area), Guibu County, Beining Province, Vietnam.

Vietnam landline Telephone: 0222.3903899

Production workshop
Production workshop
Production workshop

Packaging Bag Business Contact:

Company:Vietnam ESD-PAC Technology Development Co., LTD

Contact Person:Mr. Guo / sales.

Mobile phone: +0084-0979195692 / +0084-0373010453

                                 +0086-15977705733(wechat with number)

Lean production line and accessories business liaison:

Company:Vietnam Propack Co., LTD

Contact Person:Mr. Liu

Email:L. /

Mobile phone:+0084-0392471287 / +0084-0338101993

                                +0086-13828843659 (wechat with number)