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Company profile

Company profile

SUNQIT was established in 2005,headquartered is in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

We focus on the R&D and manufacturing of standard spare parts for lean equipment, Research on Low-Cost Intelligent Automation Application Scenarios depend on the Manufacturing site. We are an integrated production material supplier with R&D, design, production, and sales department.

Sunqit was established in 2005
Has more than 40 invention patents
5000㎡ R&D and production building
More than 1500 manufacturing customers

Group subsidiary

Sunqit Electronics

Lean pipe

Standard connector

Lean pipe torlley

LCIA equipment

Error-proof equipment

Power line

Sunqit Intelligent

Production line + information technology + lean operation solution

Lean flexible cell production line

LCIA cell production line

Lean manufacturing + logistics distribution solutions

Sunqit Training

LCIA training class

LCIA Retrofit

LCIA One-stop solution

Our team

We have 130 employees,include more than 20 design engineers and 10 lean improvement experts,obtained more than 40 invention patents. Constantly researching assembly tooling to improve efficiency depend on customer needs at the manufacturing site, then develop standard accessories with different functions from the application scenarios Currently .there have 3,000 spare accessories used in the production of lean pipe production lines, workbenches, material racks, and turnover carts at the manufacturing site.

These production equipment made by our products can effectively improve production, widely used by household appliances, automobiles, communications, computer peripherals, machinery etc, manufacturing sites.




SUNQIT is an international company with a strong focus towards lean manufacturing products. We design assemblies such as workstations, racking systems and assembly line for customers to use our products to improve their manufacturing process.


Become the well-know manufacturer and supplier in industrial manufacturing materials and factory area reaches 6000㎡.


With the increase of market demand and popularity, Suzhou, Chongqing, Tianjin and Wuhan branch offices were established.


In order to provides comprehensive services to customers with professional knowledge.
Established a intelligent factory and an automation business department.


Obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification.
Established India and Vietnam Office,continues to innovate around the needs of customers.


Published GL series LCIA accessories application manual.Provided scientific and effective lean production solution services and low-cost automated tooling for more than 1,500 manufacturing and assembly enterprises.

5000㎡ Production base

5000 square meter building,Independent research and development of innovative component products obtained more than 40 industry patents Products include lean flexible cell production lines,flexible low-cost automated production lines,LCIA self-sufficient chemical equipment,lean pipe workbenches,lean flexible turnover carts,lean flexible wire rods, LCIA standard connectors,low-cost standard modules and production line peripheral equipment Electronic auxiliary equipment,etc.

SUNQIT factory
Training skills dojo
SUNQIT factory
Lean pipe production line
Roller track production line
Roller track production line
Packing workshop
Hollow board production line

Sold all over the world

Our products have been radiated to Europe, America, Africa, and Asia markets and received unanimous praise from customers. We have established overseas companies in Vietnam and India., Take our Headquarters Shenzhen as the center we provide our high-quality services and high-quality products to the world. At the same time, We are very welcome more distributors and agents to join us, we will work with you to help Manufacturing end-use enterprises create value and improve their core competitiveness.