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ShenZhen flexible bar manufacture factory stock offer
Publisher:Shenzhen SunQit Electronic Technology Co., Ltd    Publish time:2017-06-30

Sunqit lean tube, also known as flexible bar, composite tube, welded steel pipe is coated with a plastic resin coating, in order to prevent separation of the coating and the pipe, using a special adhesive bonding between them. The inner wall of the steel pipe anti-corrosion coatings for standard flexible bar material diameter 28mm,  good looks, wear bright color, rust pollution, etc., flexible bar is a substitute for stainless steel products, high -tech tp realize green dream, with green piping play unlimited creativity.

lean tube product is a modular system consists of pipe fittings and couplings composed, you can put any creative ideas into practical structure a personalized and extremely simple and fast, low-cost. flexible bar products accessories are reusable recyclable, when the end of a product or a process life cycle, by changing the structure of the flexible bar, Use the original accessories reassembly to adapt to the new requirements.

flexible production line
Is composed of a special composite pipe, metal joint and several professional accessories, flexible bar can be assembled into a variety of exterior structure, apply in changes in production processes. flexible production line is suitable for electronic processing industry, many varieties. can arbitrary combination, Change process, Independent placed according to different process, As the smallest unit in the lean production Modules. SUNQIT professional designer elaborate for you, and strict to the quality of each product are perfect, and with large inventories, JIT supply to customers and help customers transfer the inventory cost.

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