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Hollow board turnover box
Publisher:Shenzhen SunQit Electronic Technology Co., Ltd    Publish time:2017-06-30

Hollow board turnover box as a modern logistics, faster development in our country. The earliest use of foreign technology is the primary fuel mix Britain a plastic turnover box factory, then gradually prevailed in the Western European countries.

Compounding techniques apply in coal and electric power industries, to mixed use inferior raw fuel, thus promoting the development of plastic turnover box of the energy-saving technologies. High-density polyethylene or copolymer polypropylene plastic turnover box. Polyethylene turnover box, -40 low temperature resistant, can be used for refrigeration industry. Polypropylene turnover box bear 110 high temperature, can be used for cooking and sterilization applications.
     Polypropylene turnover box, there are many aspects better than polyethylene turnover box, as good washing performance, high compression load next time, good elasticity, and than the same sizes of polyethylene turnover box light around 6%. Plastic turnover box of anti-slide pile stacking means by lifting the underlying turnover box 2m of one short side, and ground into a five-degree angle, to see if there slippery stack, stack down phenomenon. The test mainly on slightly sloping plastic turnover box appears under skid stack stacking capability state.
     Skid stack performance is mainly plastic turnover box with turnover box and with a high proportion of long parts of the size. Anti-slide pile poor performance of turnover box, likely to cause the box to slip, fall damage occurred interior products.

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