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Why should We use flexible bar workbench?
Publisher:Shenzhen SunQit Electronic Technology Co., Ltd    Publish time:2018-07-11
lean production tube Workbench is an essential workshop production equipment, because in the workshop which we can see the figure of production equipment, which roads long pull water is composed of bar table, even if it is old-fashioned pull water too, but they are composed of welding, welding technology which has been eliminated, why, welded heavy stuff is not easy to take, and if suddenly you do big business or move the plant, your line only can be split into scrap metal, so the use of bar table is very advantageous because bar table form using the building blocks assemble to form, the greater use of the factory workshop space and improve the efficiency of production, so that you get unexpected results. 

Modular, bar products can be freely assembled, connected, modular structure, and convenient combination. 
Formation of simple, flexible, free from the limitations of space station components shape and venue size. 
Transformation of simple and can be extended at any time on demand structure and function. 
Maximize field staff creativity, continuous improvement of lean production management field. 
Wire rod processing dispense with grinding, welding, surface treatment, materials can be reused, saving production costs and eliminate waste. 
Wire rod surface for coating plastic layer, easy to damage parts of the surface. 
Bar table is the trend of the future development of enterprises, bar table can increase productivity.

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