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what is lean tube workbench?
Publisher:Shenzhen SunQit Electronic Technology Co., Ltd    Publish time:2018-07-11

lean tube workbench can be independent, can be combined, easy to adjust, can be freely designed and assembled according to job needs. So some of our work is very widely used in some large factory workshop where you can see it, because it is convenient and practical loved by many companies.

lean tube workbench accessories ?

1, 4 casters, 3-inch expansion brake casters.

2,1 switch, the table at the end with a square independent switch.

3,1 sockets, using Bulls six an open outlet.

4,1 sets of lighting, using a single T5 energy saving lamp with cover.

5, Information: lean black anti-static tube and black metal connector assembled.

6, common specifications: L1200mm, W600mmH, 1500mm can be designed according to need.

7, convenient guide book using A4 S-type hook hanging hard plastic strips, affordable, and beautiful.

8, anti-static rubber exterior green paste, work tops, T16 MDF production, gray rubber edging.

9, and the other device and keyboard drawer can be customized according to the customer, placing Taiwan a host computer.

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