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How to maintain lean tube workbench?
Publisher:Shenzhen SunQit Electronic Technology Co., Ltd    Publish time:2018-07-11
lean tube workbench is designed for factory assembly, production, maintenance, operation and so on. As the operating platform for all kinds of jobs, workbench for fitter, mold, assembly, packaging, testing, maintenance, production office and other production purposes. Workbench desktop specially treated with anti-corrosion, impact resistance and other characteristics, the choice of a variety of desktop, can be used with different requirements. The configuration of drawers, doors facilitate users to store tools. Desktop workstations can be added on the different components, such as 100, hole peg board, power outlets, lighting, spreader. With boxes of parts and a variety of hooks, the table can also be used to store all kinds of parts, tools, etc., a more rational use of space, and fully meet the needs of actual production operations. Then we want to maintain lean tube table it? 
1.A regular primary filter will remove the cleaning, the cleaning cycle is generally 3 to 6 months. (If you do not wash long time, dust will affect less than the amount of wind and reduce cleaning effect). 
2, generally using eighteen months after the operating voltage to adjust when the fan to the highest point, still can not reach the ideal wind speed, then the HEPA filter dust too (media has basically stuck on the filter holes to update), the general use of HEPA filters for a period of eighteen months. 
3, the replacement HEPA filters, model specifications should be noted that the size is correct (original manufacturer configured), press the arrow wind devices, and should pay attention to the filter perimeter seal, absolutely no leakage occurs. 
4, when the normal replacement or cleaning the early effect of air filters, still can not achieve the desired section of the wind speed, the operating voltage of the fan should be adjusted to achieve the desired uniform wind speed (start with a new table when the fan operating voltage is adjusted to 80V ~ 90V can).

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