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About Sunqit
About Sunqit

Shenzhen SunQit Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, The company of R & D headquarters is located in the Pearl River Delta manufacturing powerhouse - Shenzhen ?GuanLan.. SunQit focused on customer needs to continuous innovation, Open cooperation with partners, in home appliances, automotive, communications, computer peripherals, video, security, various fields construct the leading edge of solutions.

SunQit is committed to providing thousands of Competitive lean manufacturing solutions and services for the manufacturing industry production process, continuing to enhance the customer experience of the actual use of the process, to help customers achieve improvement and profitability. Our main products are flexible production lines, flexible storage fifo series, flexible lean turnover appliances, flexible and timely Production Card system, unmanned carriage feeding, assembly lines and supporting electronic device, which are widely used in manufacturing assembly plant, materials distribution warehouses, but also for assembly, testing, inspection, logistics facilities and so on.

After nearly 10 years of rapid development, For more than 3000 manufacturing enterprises to provide flexible lean solution effectively, It is the first choice for the large enterprises at home and abroad. In Suzhou, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Tianjin, Dongguan and other cities has offices and manufacturing facilities, and set up a specialized on-site construction and service team.

SunQit will continue to integrate advantages in technology innovation and product services, adhere to the diversified, one-stop service, To provide scientific solutions for lean manufacturing for the manufacturing industry, To build China's first brand of lean production equipment manufacturers- "SUNQIT " .through the advanced lean solution, really help customers increase the enterprise operating speed and flexibility, To the best state to meet future market demand for personalized and customized.

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